Ravioli with onion

First prepare a dough with 125 g of fine-ground flour, 125 g of semolina, one egg and lukewarm water. Then prepare a dough with the same ingredients adding a spoonful of fresh sepia. Let the dough stand. Meanwhile put the not too finely cut onions and 150 g of butter in a saucepan. Cook gently for about 15 minutes. Then thicken with the grated cheese (ideally you should use pecorino).
Add salt and liquidize with a mixer in order to obtain a cream thick enough to stuff your ravioli. Roll out the two pastries. The white one will be the base on which you will put down at regular distance small knobs of stuffing. Seal with the black pastry and cut the ravioli into the shapes you prefer. Cook in plenty of salted water. Strain and serve the ravioli with melted butter and sage.

Ingredients (4 portions):
g 200 Fine-ground flour
g 250 Semolina
2 Eggs
1 Spoonful of fresh sepia
g 500 Onions
g 230 Butter
g 100 Grated cheese