The restaurant

“tuguri”: hovel in the Alghero dialect

Despite of its name, this is a cosy little place situated right in the heart of the old town, facing one of the typical cobbled streets of Alghero. It’s a true laboratory of experimental cuisine, a favoured meeting place of connoisseurs studying and researching all the aspects of Mediterranean and Catalan gastronomy.
Located in an antique dwelling in the centre of this historic Catalan town, Al Tuguri is a must-visit for the lovers of taste. They are all attracted by the skilful counterpoint between fresh inventiv La facciata del ristoranteeness and strict tradition, that is the secret of its cuisine.

The restaurant is on three levels. On the ground floor there is a drawing room with several sofas surrounding a large fireplace. Above is the actual restaurant, reached by bare sandstone stairs, with a capacity for just 24 in view of the kitchen.

Benito Carbonella is the chef and owner of Al Tuguri. It is him who after organizing the kitchen preparation hosts the dining. He will warmly reccomend the dish of the moment, depending on the day’s catch, and advise the best wine accompaniment to perfectly combine tastes in respect of the Alghero tradition.