Tufellas in smoked barracuda sauce

Mix durum wheat semolina with two egg yolks, a little warm water and the turmeric to give the fresh pasta a bright yellow colour. Leave to stand. Roll out the dough and cut into two-centimetre wide strips. Cut again into six-centimetre long pieces, roll up and shape into spirals. This shape is reminiscent of the shells that house hermit crabs, which in Algherese dialect are called “tufellas”.

Fillet the barracuda and in a smoker, place it – skin downwards – on a bed of juniper leaves and berries and green coffee beans. Once it is cured, coarsely crumble and add to the desalted capers. Leave to stand in a bowl with half of the olive oil. Cook the tufellas in boiling salted water and drain “al dente”. Briefly sauté in a pan with the remaining oil, salt, diced tomatoes, capers and the smoked barracuda. Serve garnished with julienne orange and lemon peel.

Tufellas al barracuda affumicato

Ingredients (4 portions):
400 gr. Durum wheat semolina
2 eggs
10 gr. Turmeric
700 gr. Mediterranean barracuda
200 gr. Diced tomatoes
20 gr. Salted capers
20 cl. Extra virgin olive oil
Orange and lemon peel