Spaghetti with Spiny Lobster

Take a spiny lobster that does not weigh more than a kilo or, still better, two of half a kilo each, possibly females (with our without the coral, depending on the period). Crack it into two parts longwise, take out the stomach and entrails and, finally, cut it into peaces. Place them in a pan with some finely chopped onion, a pinch of salt, a piece of chilli pepper, two whole garlic cloves and olive oil. Keep it all on a low heat until the lobster becomes red while browning. At this point, pour some mashed tomatoes into the pan and reduce on a low heat, adding, if necessary, half a glass of water. Before removing from the heat, finally, flavour with fresh basil. Cook the spaghetti apart in abundant water and salt and, when they are cooked, season them with the lobster sauce in a large dish.

Ingredients (4 portions):
Kg 1 Spiny Lobster
g 300 Spaghetti
g 500 Mashed tomatoes
g 50 Onion
dl 0,2 Olive oil
2 Garlic cloves
Chilli pepper