Onion “Copatza” with eggs

Onion soup is one of the many poor dishes of the Mediterranean cuisine. In the gastronomic tradition of Alghero you can find several versions, one of which with eggs.
Slice the big golden onions (if it is time of long fresh onions, prefer them!), add finely chopped dried tomatoes, after having soaked them in fresh water in order to remove the salt, and brown it all for a short time in olive oil.
Season to taste with chopped parsley, basil and chilli pepper, adding enough water for the broth that
must become concentrated.
When the broth is a little reduced, add an egg per person. Put a pinch of salt on the eggs and cover the pan for two minutes. Serve hot in the plates where you have put a few slices of  stale bread.

Ingredients (4 portions):
g 500 Golden onions
4 Eggs
3 Dried tomatoes
dl 0,5 Olive oil
Chilli pepper