Marinated anchovies

Bone, wash in running water and thoroughly dry the anchovies. Place them in the vinegar for approximately 2 hours. When you take them out of the vinegar, rinse them in a dry white wine. Aside, prepare a cold sauce from salt, chilli pepper, a few drops of vinegar, a splash of brandy and extra virgin olive oil. Lay the anchovies on a bed of roughly chopped rocket, cover that with cubed tomatoes and the onion cut into round slices. Serve with the previously prepared cold sauce.

Ingredients (4 portions):
500 g fresh anchovies
300 g “Camona” tomatoes
100 ml. Extra virgin olive oil
2 bunches of wild rocket
1 large white onion
dry white wine
white wine vinegar
chilli pepper 

Suggested wine:
Torbato di Terre Bianche by Sella & Mosca wineries

Oleificio San Giuliano

Cantine Sella & Mosca