Bonorva “Pane Zichi”

Dice the courgettes and briefly sauté them in very little extra virgin olive oil. While simmering, add a few wild fennel seeds and a pinch of salt. Cooking time must be brief so that courgettes maintain their bright green colour. Coarsely break the zichi bread and poach in a meat broth. When the broth begins to reduce in volume and the pieces of bread start to curl up, add two tablespoons of soft “Fiore Sardo” cheese, the crushed ripe tomatoes and the previously prepared courgettes. Cook for a few minutes more. If necessary, add a ladleful of broth. Drain the zichi and place on a plate adding some diced smoked ricotta (known as “mustia”) and crumbled fresh mint leaves.


Ingredients (4 portions):
400 gr. Bonorva zichi bread
500 cl. Meat broth
100 gr. Crushed ripe tomatoes
50 gr. Mustia ricotta
2 medium sized courgettes
Extra virgin olive oil to taste
Fiore Sardo cream cheese
Wild fennel seeds
Fresh mint leaves